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Shane SantaCroce NY State Director

Shane Santacroce- Shane owns and operates Santacroce Model Group (SMG). Shane books hundreds of models on several appearances throughout the year. Today Shane is Chief Executive Officer of Better Addition Care, a national network of treatment centers focused on providing its patients the most fitting road map to personal recovery. Shane has built an experienced and skilled team of marketing, training, and treatment professionals at BAC since launching. His ultimate goal is to change the treatment industry so that those individuals struggling can get the help they need quickly and efficiently.

Prior to his foray into the treatment industry, Shane had a 20 year track-record as a results-oriented entrepreneur with sales, marketing, strategic planning, and leadership skills. With a father suffering from the disease of addiction and friends in the treatment industry, Shane was intrigued when asked to give the industry a try. After eight-month sabbatical focused on learning and understanding the treatment industry and its many sectors, Shane felt he was ready to give it a go. BAC was started and thanks to Shane’s guidance, successfully combines the invaluable core elements of passion, strategy, relationship-building, compliance and care.

Who is Shane SantaCroce

A family man, a thought leader and a champion for the underdog only touches on Shane’s qualities as a gentleman and leader. To truly appreciate Shane’s passion for life and “doing the right thing”, you have to hear him talk about his friends and family, you have to hear him talk about his kids.

You might wonder how a man like Shane SantaCroce, at the top of his marketing career, with the resources to do what he pleases professionally, ends up the state director of Miss World America NY.

That’s when it gets personal. Shane's oldest daughter came to him 9 years ago and said "Dad, I want to do a beauty pageant" Those words started an adventure neither of them were expecting. They had a long talk and he explained she would be up against some fierce competition to prepare her the possibility of defeat. Wouldn't you know she won the title of Dade County's Perfect Jr-Teen and off to nationals they went.

After nationals when he was asked about the experience he said "I had no idea what I was getting into but it was one of the most amazing bonding opportunities with my daughter"

That was the beginning of something special. She started to get offered so many modeling opportunities, so Shane decided to open an agency and SMG has been booking Men and Woman of all ages ever since.

Shane understood what was needed so he decided to use his marketing and public relations skills to make a difference and with a group of qualified professionals he continued to grow his network in the pageant world.

Shane has been sought after as a judge, coach and marketing expert in the industry.

If you are interested in booking Shane for an upcoming event or discuss marketing, please complete the contact form on this website.

Next Steps...

Now that you know about us, take the next step towards becoming the new Miss World America NY.